Minoko Design is an award-winning and experienced development house offering interdisciplinary services in industrial design, product development and product engineering. 


From 10 to 10,000 hours

We work with everything from small startup ideas to big and complex systems - always with a holistic perspective where feedback and collaboration with user and client is essential. 


It works, also in the market

Our interdisciplinary expertise in design and engineering covers every phase of the development process - from user mapping and conceptualization to completion of production drawings. 


Our services


Industrial Design

We work at the intersection between human needs, technological development and business strategy. Our designers work with everything from products, packaging, interiors, new technologies, design strategy and systems. 


Product development

We are problem solvers, covering all phases of the product development - from idea to finished product. Our product developers work with mechanics, new materials and new technologies among other things. 


Product Engineering

We make sure products are ready to be manufactured in a cost-effective and rational way, always focusing on quality. Our engineers work with manufacturers and assembly lines to engineer products that meet any standard specified. 


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